Friday, October 12, 2007

Vermont Goodness

I have 2 skeins of socks yarn, sitting there looking at me and wondering when I will have the time to start knitting them into socks. Look at these beauties by A Piece of Vermont!

I wish you could see the colors. "You Don't Say..." (top skein) is a lovely blend of soft purples toned down with denim blues. The hues are blended together and scattered throughout the skein to produce a cohesive sense of continuity. I'm not attracted to purples for my clothing but this is different. This is gorgeous sock yarn. "Balsam" is just as handsome, if not more so. Shades of pine greens with a few hints of teal all weaved together with beautiful browns is exactly what I needed. I've been searching for that perfect shade of green, something that wasn't bright like grass green, wasn't bluish like spruce, and not too light or too dark. A tall order, I know, but one I was willing to wait for.

I found A Piece of Vermont by accident. From the blog of NotPlainJane, a fellow knitter from Knitter's Review, I visit the blogs she visits. One of them is What Housework? (Jessie Raymond)who happens to have the cutest kitten, Milo, in residence. I'm a sucker for cats. From Ms. Raymond's site, I noticed she had an online store. And the rest is history.

I want to shout how much I love this yarn, yet the selfish part of me says "Keep quiet, more yarn for yourself" The selfless side won.

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