Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply

Of course, I find this yarn, love this yarn and discover that it has been discontinued. I seem to suffer from the same syndrome when it comes to my cosmetics and skincare but that's another story.

I found out about the Yorkshire from Jimmy Beans Wool newsletter and at $2.99/ball, it looked to be quite a bargain. If I knew then what I now know, I would have purchased a whole lot more. I ended up with 2 balls each in Explode (dark charcoal gray), Knight (dark blue), and Whisker (black). The tweeds are different depending on the main yarn color. In Explode, the flecks are white, green/reds/yellows in Knight, and red in Whisker. The yarn is a fingering weight and subject to breaking if overly-stretched.

My first socks were a Yarn over Cable from Sensational Knitted Socks. That was a mistake on my part because, once washed, the fabric developed a haze of fibers thus obscuring the pattern. And it didn't help that Explode was dark. The balls are only 120 yards so the socks are a little shorter than I prefer. However, all these nigglings dissappeared once the sock were on my feet. The yarn was soft, and cushy, and dreamy. I would wear these socks 24-7. Alas, I don't think DH would appreciate me after a couple of days.

The yarn is such a joy that I started on the next pair, this time choosing Knight. I needed longer socks so these socks are knitted in stockinette with a cast-on of 54. The pattern is toe-up with a reverse-flap heel, and 2 inches of 1x1 ribbing. Ahhhh, much better....longer cuffs and a very, very nice snug fit around my foot. I cannot express to you just how perfect these socks are. Not so much in construction (a couple of teeny tiny errors). The fit....I did everything perfect...the toe, the length of the heel flap, the number cast on....everything. I feel like I created a masterpiece and given that I don't feel that way about all I touch, this is good for my sensitive soul.

PS, I found a seller that has so many colors to choose that I will knitting socks into 2009.

Monday, February 26, 2007

I love socks.

This may be seem like a "well, so do I" topic but my love for socks has nothing to do with the yarn. I like socks because they will fit my feet to a tee each time I knit up those feet-cradling pieces of luxury. I'm short...really...not even 5 foot. I'm making a sweater but I'm still in the early stage so I have no idea how the fit will be on my petite frame. I say "petite" but my um, bust, is not even close to petite or any variation of the word. So there's my quandry. If I make a sweater for a larger size, will it be too long in the body? Will the waist be at my waist and not down around my hips? I have enough to think about on a daily basis without adding in another stressor. Socks don't care if I'm vertically-challenged or boobalicious. For that reason alone, I will be faithful to my socks and love them even when their heels and toes are thread-bare.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I can't do it.

I can't take a beautiful hand-dyed yarn and knit it into a patterned sock. I just can't. I love patterns, and I love the color changes and hues that are carefully placed on each piece of yarn. But not together. I received a hank of Fleece Artist, in Wildflowers. I spent an evening trying to decide which pattern I wanted to try. After what seemed to be hours, I finally decided on the Monkey socks by Cookie A. The pattern is wonderful and knits up at quite a quick clip. Within 2 days I was working on the gusset when I stopped long enough to really look the sock. The heel flap caught my eye and I couldn't seem to stop staring. The colors, which became blurred in the pattern, were shining in the oh-so-simple stockinette. After letting the sock rest for a day, I picked it again and, without blinking, pulled out the needles and began undoing each little stitch. I once read that you must let the yarn speak and Wildflowers has spoken.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Yesterday, we received over 17" of snow. The last time, it snowed this much was January 1, 1999 when we got 14". And before that, it was the Blizzard of 1978.

The wind was hellacious causing most roads to drift up to 6'. The drifts in our yard measure about 4'. We've had 2 days of snow emergencies so I had 2 days to knit. Finished my second sock for February and attempted Magic Loop for my sweater sleeve. The ML isn't working out well...need a longer needle. I will make a trip on Friday to the LYS to either get a 12" or 40" needle. Still haven't decided yet.

DH and I spent the morning digging out DH's truck at the end of the driveway which is about 350' long and on a slight incline. First we moved the snow in front of the truck. DH hopped in, revved her up, and plowed through the snow up the house. It was a bit comical watching him bounce around trying to miss the big hackberry trees. It's not a pretty path as it's going through the yard but at least we can get out now. Today, it's just beautiful outside. The sun is shining and the snow is glistening.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sock and a sweater

I had a GRRR moment this weekend. Of course, it could have been avoided if I would keep meticulous notes. Alas, I did not. You would think that I would relish the thought of using a notebook to track those little things like length of heel flap. I love to use lists so why the heck can't I be bothered to write down these important bits of info? I contemplate jotting these notes for future reference but trust my memory will not fail me. It did. So after I had completed 3" on my cuff, I finally looked at my sock and how it compared to the first sock. Not good, as it was 1/2" longer. No, it's not alot but quite a bit of yarn is eaten up in the gusset. I did what any good knitter would do and frogged back to the heel flap. Now, it's going along quite nicely. The other DUH moment was I, yet again, told me that I knew I should have bought 3 balls of the Rowan Yorkshire Tweed instead of 2. The first sock ended up being a decent length but the second ball looks smaller. Of course, I'm probably being paranoid.

I'm knitting my first sweater, the Hourglass, from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts". I love the softly-shaped waist, flared sleeves and wide neckline. I selected K1C2 Angora Soft in a pale blue. I'm up to the sleeves which I will be knitting ala Magic Loop. I 've never tried this method but I have an extra size 7 needle which means I won't need to buy another needle. Which really means that I can buy some beautiful hand-painted sock yarn.

Friday, February 9, 2007

2007 Sock Calendar

Fine Print: subject to change depending on whims and yarns of said-knitter
  • January: Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply in Explode, Yarn over Cable from "Sensational Knitted Socks" (done)
  • February: Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply in Knight, simple stockinette (done on 2/16/07)
  • March: Patons Kroy in Newport Tan, BFF socks by Cookie A. (started on 2/21, done on 3/6/07)
  • April: RYC Cashsoft 4-ply in Black and Bark, simple stockinette (started on 4/10, done on 5/13)
  • May: All Things Heather in Skinny Dippin', Monkey socks by Cookie A. (yarn from Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock club, started on 5/14, done on 6/2)
  • June: Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton in a dark brown and curry, Garter Rib from SKS (started on 6/16, done on 7/1)
  • July: J. Knits Superwash Sock in Indiana, Twisted Flower by Cookie A. (started on 7/2, done on 9/30)
  • August: Claudia's Handpainted, Pheasant Run socks by Lisa Parker of Wildhorse Farms (started on 8/7 and finished on 9/02)
  • September: Loopy socks and Twisted Flowers completed (no additional socks)
  • October: Shawl for mom in Jaeger Baby Merino 4-ply (started on 10/3, finished on 11/7)
  • November: Mallory Felted Clogs, Kathryn's Felted Clogs, Fetching Fingerless Mitts, start socks for MIL
  • December: Finish up socks for MIL


I figured it's time to join the age of blogging. After looking at so many knitting and gardening blogs, I decided I needed to have one. I don't so much read blogs to find out what's going on in someone's life but to find information. Just today I was searching for a tutorial on the Magic Loop method of knitting in the round. And thanks to a couple, I am now armed with enough pictures and words to, hopefully, start a sleeve on the Hourglass Sweater from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts".

I would love for bloggers to read about my knitting and gardening endeavours. However, if I provide any tidbit of info that proves helpful to a fellow knitter or gardener, my purpose is fulfilled.