Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I can't do it.

I can't take a beautiful hand-dyed yarn and knit it into a patterned sock. I just can't. I love patterns, and I love the color changes and hues that are carefully placed on each piece of yarn. But not together. I received a hank of Fleece Artist, in Wildflowers. I spent an evening trying to decide which pattern I wanted to try. After what seemed to be hours, I finally decided on the Monkey socks by Cookie A. The pattern is wonderful and knits up at quite a quick clip. Within 2 days I was working on the gusset when I stopped long enough to really look the sock. The heel flap caught my eye and I couldn't seem to stop staring. The colors, which became blurred in the pattern, were shining in the oh-so-simple stockinette. After letting the sock rest for a day, I picked it again and, without blinking, pulled out the needles and began undoing each little stitch. I once read that you must let the yarn speak and Wildflowers has spoken.

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