Monday, February 26, 2007

I love socks.

This may be seem like a "well, so do I" topic but my love for socks has nothing to do with the yarn. I like socks because they will fit my feet to a tee each time I knit up those feet-cradling pieces of luxury. I'm short...really...not even 5 foot. I'm making a sweater but I'm still in the early stage so I have no idea how the fit will be on my petite frame. I say "petite" but my um, bust, is not even close to petite or any variation of the word. So there's my quandry. If I make a sweater for a larger size, will it be too long in the body? Will the waist be at my waist and not down around my hips? I have enough to think about on a daily basis without adding in another stressor. Socks don't care if I'm vertically-challenged or boobalicious. For that reason alone, I will be faithful to my socks and love them even when their heels and toes are thread-bare.


denise said...

I share your feelings about socks. I like that they are portable and I really like the yarn too!

knitty, witty, woo ( Tracey) said...

I have the same feelings for socks.
Especially now as I lost 30 lb last year but have managed to put it back on this year, together with the big bust.
Socks and shoes will always fit.
I also agree with you about patterned yarn needing plain stitches.
Lovely blog and cats.