Friday, April 13, 2007

Big sock and Eye Candy Friday

Here's Bailey soaking up a few rays. It was the first day of 2007 (3rd week of March?) that all the windows were wide-open and the sun was heating up the rooms.

I'm still going strong with my sock calendar and I'm a little late for April but I think I will finish in time. DH requested new hunting socks done in black with only the toes knitted in brown. OK!?! First attempt, I tried Cascade Fixation. I like the yarn even though it took a few tries to find exactly how much tension is needed produce a nice, cohesive fabric. Just wasn't workin for me.

2nd time: Switched yarn to RYC Cashsoft 4-ply. Now this is a yarn I could love!! I decided these socks needed to be cuff-down knitted in Garter Rib from "Sensational Knitted Socks". At the same time, I thought I would try my hand at just-over-calf-socks. Long story made short - I didn't fool like messing with trying to determine the schematics of decreasing within ribbing.

3rd time: Went back to my usual toe-up started with the Easy Toe. OK, everything looking good until DH tries on toe. Wwwaaayy tttoooo bbbiigg! Yes, I swatched, got 8 stitches/inch, DH has 10" circumference, cast-on 80 stitches.

4th time and a charm: I frogged back the knitting to the stage where the toe was 72 stitches per inch and carried on. I hope to be done with sock 1 by Wednesday of next week and casting on for sock 2 on same day. I want these socks done by April 30th!
Pic is a little fuzzy but the color is true. There's a little over 7" done.

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Emma said...

Cats are so funny--they can't resist the lure of a open window!