Thursday, April 19, 2007


Back on March 10th, I decided to take a little fall down some stairs. Not the type you see on the movies where someone is flipping over and over, no, I wasn't the elegant. Mine was the type where suddenly your foot comes out from underneath you, land arse-first, and proceed to bump down about 3 steps. I came away with some bruising on my lower back and no broken bones. At this point, I think a broken bone would have been better.

About 4 weeks ago, I started noticing stiffness and pain in my left arm with some muscle pain in upper left back. I'm not the type to go to the doctor if I think the problem will work itself out. After getting up in pain and several sleepless nights, I bit the bullet. At first the doctor put me on prednisone for muscle inflammation. She didn't order any x-rays which didn't thrill me but, hey, if the prednisone worked, I'm OK. Well, it's not!!! I called and got back in the same day. This time she ordered x-rays which show slight compression of the lower cervical vertebrae and slight curvature of the upper thoracic vertebrae. Since I've never had any x-rays, we aren't sure if these problems have always been there or not. I've also been having tingling in my arm so now I have an MRI scheduled. And thank goodness, she prescribed some Darvoset!!! Finally, I have been able to get a little uninterrupted sleep.

To make a long story even longer, this has really cut into my knitting and garden plans. I have shrubs that need to get into the ground. I have a veggie bed that needs prepped. I have mulch that needs to get spread. The mind is willing but the body is not.

And my poor knitting! I'm trying to make DH some socks. Of course, I have to be dealing with this pain while trying to knit socks for size 12 feet! It seems that I can only get about an 1" done before my arm is protesting. At this rate, I will be knitting on these for the next few months. For pity's sake, I have a deadline to meet. These socks are supposed to be done by April 30th. It's possible. I'm keeping my toes crossed.

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