Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I'm such a bad blogger. It's been over a month since my last post. I have good news. I have a new kitten. Meet Chester.

Chester's momma showed up at our home on Thursday and was still there Saturday morning. I haven't figured out if she was dumped or wandered over to our home. She was a friendly girl (fairly clean and healthy too) and I could tell that she had been pregnant and was still nursing. We, momma kitty and me, walked around the yard and I never did see or hear any little ones.

Saturday morning during a light misting rain, I took the trash out and she came running toward me. But she wasn't alone. She had 6 kittens in tow. After they were all rounded up and in the garage, I heard a shrill mew coming from the outside. Sure enough, there was one more kitten in the front of the house. Poor little guy, everybody else had been in the back.

My little Archie died in March and DH, knowing how much I love my cats, said we could get another one for me to love and to provide Mr. Bailey with some company. I had to choose from 1 calico, 1 tortie, 2 black & white, 2 blacks and 1 orange & white. After visiting with each and every one, we choose Chester because he was only one that would purr when he interacted with us.

Chester is now inside, clean and fluffy. He's such a personable little guy. He's not afraid of people, plays with everything, loves to explore, and loves to be loved. This morning, DH and I got a very thorough face cleaning accompanied with a good bit of kneading.

As for the momma and kittens, I was able to get them into a no-kill shelter (whew!). I said a little prayer for them. I hate feeling guilty when she is not even my cat. I urge everyone, please, please, please spay and neuter your pets. If you think you can't afford the procedure, contact your local shelters. I bet they will be able to give you some names and/or places that offer discounts.

And one last photo. I love sleeping kitties. They look so peaceful. Take a look at his mouth..do you see his little kitty smile? I love it!


renee said...

Oh! He's so cute! I'm so glad he has a home. Hope his mom & siblings do as well as him!

Amie said...

Chester's a charmer, all right!!!

Thanks for making sure it was a no-kill shelter. I'd have had a hard time turning down the calico or tortie (those girls have a special place in my heart) but isn't it more that they choose us then us choosing them? :D

You're lucky to have found each other.

Jane said...

So cute! thanks for the kitten pics.

Rob said...

He's gorgeous! I am celebrating my first anniversary as a cat person, and have fallen in love with your Chester.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Ohhh, what a sweet kitten! :-)

ZippyZinnia said...

Thank you ladies for all your kind words.

Amie-I have to agree with you. The tortie and calico were so cute. The little tortie was really the prettiest of the litter. But DH and I agreed to keep a male for Bailey Boo.

Lucy said...

He's gorgeous - he looks just like my Hereward (now 15yrs and 7mths old) did at that age!!Good on you for rescuing the mom and kits!!

Kim in Oregon said...

Chester is a charmer.