Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yarn stash

The other day I decided to get my mini-stash in some kind of order. My poor step-DD has to share her closet space with the yarn. The yarn was starting to weave itself into her clothes and shoes. I don't have any pictures of my stash. Trust me, compared to other, it's very underwhelming. I did come to 2 conclusions. 1) I don't need more sock yarn, and 2) I desperately need a swift and ball winder. In fact, I vow to not buy any more yarn till I have those 2 accessories in hand. Well, I do have one exception. I'm taking part in the Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock club where you buy as you go. Since this commitment was made pre-vow, it doesn't count.

I'm the sort of person who doesn't mind untangling gnarly balls of yarn. In fact, the art of untangling comes in handy when you are sitting in a boat trying to use a fishing pole full of looped and knotted line. DH would rather cut the line and start over. Not me, I would rather take a few minutes of solving the puzzle than tie on a new fishing rig. So yes, when I have a hank of yarn that refuses to stay in its nice, concise circle, I will take the time to lovingly unwind the knotted mess and wind it into a nice ball of yarn. However, the practical side of me realizes how many precious minutes of knitting would not be lost if I had a swift and ball winder.

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