Monday, September 10, 2007

Autumn is creeping in

How can someone pick between two seasons? Spring? Fall? They both represent good changes.

If spring is the season of new, I guess fall would be the season of old. But I don't see it. Yes the leaves are turning, the grass stops growing, our plants suddenly wilt after a hard frost. But it's not from oldness. I see fall into winter as the season of renewal. It's time for people, plants, and animals to take a breather, slow down, relax a little, and gather strength for the next spring and summer.

Take time to read a book, visit a museum, take in a play or a musical, visit with family.

Of course, I associate fall with cleaning. Call it a habit from childhood days when my grandmother always did fall and spring cleaning. My fall cleaning consists of cleaning all windows, getting the garage ready for winter, carpet cleaning, kitchen cabinet scouring, and if really motivated, wall cleaning. I'm not one of those types that stays on top of these on a weekly, let alone, a monthly basis.

And fall has its good qualities. Large bonfires, friends sitting around a campfire, crispness of chilled autumn air, pulling out sweatshirts for warm snuggles, opening windows again for that fresh breeze blowing in a bedroom, cats sitting in open windows, bowls of chili and bean soup complete with cornbread and butter, working outside and enjoying it, and lots of knitting to catch up on.

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